Video: League of Legends "Spectator Mode" Discussed
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Video: League of Legends "Spectator Mode" Discussed

League of Legend's popularity has grown insurmountably since its late 2009 release. Its inclusion in the largest of competitive gaming tournaments has turned it into a unique beast that has, up until this point, largely been dominating the MOBA genre. While the upcoming DOTA 2 is highly-anticipated - and rightly so - League of Legends is starting to up the ante.

They are coming out with their very own "Spectator Mode" for the game. The ability to watch your friends and have them watch you has been a huge part of nearly all forms of competitive gaming for years. The features of this update are wide and varied, but I do not think it takes a genius to understand what this means for League of Legends.

However, Riot Games is bringing some more innovative tools to the table: you will be able to fast-forward, rewind, and pause live gameplay. Furthermore, there will be featured matches displayed on the League of Legends client, reserved for only the highest-rated of players. This will provide a source of entertainment in the off-season when competitive gamers and their teams are not so high-profile.

Finally, they are bringing a "Directed Camera" to the mix. This is a camera that will automatically focus on the main battles taking place on the Fields of Justice. Basically, this means you will not have to navigate the camera yourself. Three cheers for laziness!



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Apr 28, 2012 at 3:21am
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