Vindictus Implements New Pet Class
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Vindictus Implements New Pet Class

This short new trailer introduces us to the Gremlins, a new pet which Nexon has revealed for its MMO Vindictus.

The Gremlins are cute, pudgy crosses between birds and bunnies that come in three forms: Tiny Gremlin, Punk Gremlin and Armor Gremlin. But the “fluffy” critters don’t slack off : the Gremlin is adaptable to any play style, whether offensive or defensive, and is capable of doling out a wallop to enemies on behalf of their owners. Likewise described as being “ruthless” and “tough,” your Gremlin will help you out in battle and “pick up slack” for you.

But the darn thing is pretty “cuddly”-looking too, as the video suggests. It’s hard to believe such a soft, squishy-looking thing can be fearsome and valiant in the heat of battle, but then again, appearances can be deceiving.

The pet is available now from the cash shop, but no word on whether or not you can feed it after midnight.

Via: That Videogame Blog



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Aug 13, 2012 at 12:51am
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