Where Will Skyrim’s DLC Take Us?
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Where Will Skyrim’s DLC Take Us?

There’s no denying that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a massive game. It’s almost unfathomable how massive it is, actually, considering the fact that it’s crammed onto a single Xbox 360 disc. But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to get any bigger. In fact, Bethesda has already given us a tiny peek at their DLC strategy.
Though The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion became notorious for its overly expensive horse armor DLC, this was something of a learning experience—not only for Bethesda, but for all game developers considering DLC at the time. This was back in the early days of console DLC, after all. And later in Oblivion’s lifespan we were given “Knights of the Nine” and “The Shivering Isles,” which each provided a fair amount of content for players to enjoy, proving that the developers did eventually figure out what players wanted out of their DLC packs. Lesson learned.

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