Wii U release date set for US, Europe to trail behind – rumour
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Wii U release date set for US, Europe to trail behind – rumour

The Wii U release date has been set for the US, but other territories will have to wait, according to the latest industry and retail whispers.

GoNintendo received a tip off from a source claiming to be a GameStop employee, stating that the Wii U will arrive in the US during the week of Black Friday.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, when US stores traditionally hold massive sales; if accurate, that would put the release in the fourth week of November.

Following Nintendo’s usual release pattern, the console would debut in Japan either a few months earlier or simultaneously, but CVG warns not to expect a European release until at least December. The site’s sources say manufacturing difficulties mean the console’s release in PAL territories will be pushed back to trail the US by at least a month.

Nintendo has given no official indication of when the Wii U will launch beyond a 2012 release window.



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