Wii U Will Have Free Online Component
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Wii U Will Have Free Online Component

Nintendo will be offering a free online service when it launches the Wii U. Andriasang reported that during a shareholder’s meeting, the marketing strategy behind Nintendo Network functionality on the upcoming console was brought up, and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata provided a case for both paid and free online models.

The Nintendo boss pointed out that a free online service could help push hardware and software sales forward. Additionally, this direction could help word of mouth spread more easily and entice people to purchase the Wii U. Ultimately, he feels free online would be the smartest decision for Nintendo.

Iwata pointed out that he was not opposed to a paid subscription, but he still doesn’t feel that would be the best direction to head in with the Wii U. Given the Nintendo president’s feelings toward a paid service, I can definitely see the Wii U featuring a free online component with an optional paid membership that warrants some perks, similar to PlayStation Plus.



Contributor: exophase   Posted: Jun 30, 2012 at 6:02pm
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