WipEout Developer Studio Liverpool May Still Be Alive
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WipEout Developer Studio Liverpool May Still Be Alive

We reported late last month that Sony had closed Studio Liverpool, the studio chiefly responsible for the WipEout series of racing games which have been a staple of PlayStation platforms since the first title came out for the original Sony PlayStation.

Originally known as Psygnosis, the studio was acquired by Sony to develop WipEout titles exclusively for their consoles, at least until the studio's closure on August 22.

The studio was rumored to have been developing a new WipEout title for the next generation PlayStation 4 and an unnamed stealth game. The rumor was captured by Eurogamer from a "reliable source" at the shuttered studio.

Today, Studio Liverpool's official Facebook page for WipEout 2048 (their latest title for the PS Vita) was updated with a post stating simply: "WE. ARE. ALIVE." They also tweeted the same thing.

The post was accompanied by concept artwork of what appears to be an unreleased WipEout game, seen above.

Judging from these two updates, it would appear that the studio's demise may have been exaggerated, and that Sony may yet have plans to keep the WipEout franchise alive. Granted, it may be that Sony is informing us that the franchise lives while the studio no longer exists. We'll keep you posted.



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Sep 17, 2012 at 11:24am
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