wow rookie so you know nothing about raiding
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wow rookie so you know nothing about raiding

New around here? WoW Rookie has your back! Get all our collected tips, tricks and tactics for new players in the WoW Rookie Guide. WoW Rookie is about more than just being new to the game; it’s about checking out new classes, new playstyles, and new zones.

We talked last week about what WoW is like for someone who’s never touched the game. The subject can be surprisingly confusing, after all. Think about the complexity of questing, grouping, PVP, playing with other people, and all the whizzbangs and whirligigs that go into making WoW so darn special. There’s a lot to talk about, and it can be tough to compress all that information into a few sound bites.

But say you do that. You manage to convey the infinite complexity of WoW to someone who’s never seen a Draenei before now. Then you want to take the conversation to the next level, so that you can explain the idea of raiding. Giving a good and accurate impression of raiding isn’t much easier than just talking about WoW; after all, raiding doesn’t have any real counterparts outside of the MMO genre. How do you explain the notion to a layman?

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