Yoshida regrets showing less Vita titles at E3
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Yoshida regrets showing less Vita titles at E3

It’s a known fact that Sony’s E3 conference criminally showed less games even though they had 25 games on the show floor. The reasoning was that they had less time to show off all the games, and hoped that the journalists would do proper coverage of all the games instead of making fun of the conference.

“In retrospect, we should’ve spent more time showing and talking about our PS Vita titles,” he said to Develop. “We [had] 25 PS Vita games playable on the show floor, some of which are really great titles I’m very excited about. We could have spent more time talking about those, but we had a very clear intention this year to make the total press conference shorter, because we’re notorious for holding lengthy ones.

“I hope we accomplished that with this year’s conference, but from the perspective of people who are waiting for more information on Vita titles, we weren’t able to provide that.”

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