ZombiU Multiplayer Details Revealed
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ZombiU Multiplayer Details Revealed

Out of all the Wii U-exclusive games shown so far, Ubisoft's ZombiU shows the most potential in showcasing what the Wii U's GamePad can bring to the table from a gameplay perspective.

While we can't confirm if those new features will make it into the game's multiplayer component, ZombiU Story Director Gabrielle Shrager did reveal a host of new details including a game mode and how multiplayer arenas are structured.

St George's is our hell within hell. Survivors here are unwilling participants in a twisted game in which they are thrown to the infected. Our multiplayer arenas are a spin-off of this mission in the campaign.

Aside from that tidbit, Shrager also outs "King of the Zombie," which is ZombiU's take on multiplayer-staple Capture-the-Flag (CTF). In ZombiU's version, one player with the GamePad can place zombies around the flag with the touchscreen while the other has to shoot them down using the Wii U Pro Controller.

I have to admit, that sounds different. But the questions is, will it be fun?

We'll know the answer to that and more once ZombiU ships on November 18 exclusively for the Wii U.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine



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