ZombiU Takes Notes from Demon’s Souls
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ZombiU Takes Notes from Demon’s Souls

After some hands on time with the new Wii U IP, ZombiU, journalists are reporting an astonishingly high level of difficulty. The title was playable at Gamescom 2012 and NowGamer detailed their experience with the survival horror title.

Ubisoft Montpellier's international product manager Nicolai Bouchai said, "We really want to target and challenge the gamers with ZombiU because this game is very hard. 

"So for example when you finish the game you will unlock a new mode called Survival Mode. You will have to finish the game with only one life and only one character."

Players will have to fully explore areas, looting every nook and cranny, before they can find access to the next, more difficult area.

Ubisoft is targetting gamers that are adopting the Wii U at launch.

"We know there are a lot of gamers expecting a lot with the Wii U, so that's why we want to deliver this experience and dedicate it to the gamers."

ZombiU has made a few solid nods to the controller-breaking title Demon's/Dark Souls. Players will be able to leave notes and hints for other gamers that can be accessed by using the room-scanning ability, helping out your fellow compatriots.

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