Zynga: OMGPop acquisition a “rare instance”
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Zynga: OMGPop acquisition a “rare instance”

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus has said the buyout of Draw Something developer OMGPop was what he called a “rare instance” for the company.

In a financial call last night for its first quarter 2012 results, Pincus said the buy was not just because it was financially possible, but also because it sees potential growth for the developer.

“Draw Something was the second major product line that we went out and acquired. It was a rare instance for us,” he said. “We believed it was not just accretive financially, but we were excited about its growth and what this game meant for mobile and social gaming.

“We thought it would be synergistic to our network and infrastructure. We thought it would be more valuable to Zynga and that we could organically build from it.”

Pincus hinted that for future purchases, Zynga would take a more cautious approach before deciding the appropriate route.

“It does not represent a change in our strategy or our approach to large investments in our data, analytics and hosting infrastructure. At every point, we have been very careful, prudent, and bottom-line oriented to make investments where we could connect the dots to an accretive return.”

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