Fish & Reefs: Free-to-Play Ocean Management Game for Mobile Devices
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Fish & Reefs: Free-to-Play Ocean Management Game for Mobile Devices

After the successful launches of Depth Hunter and Deep Black: Reloaded, Biart announce a switch in focus towards free-to-play games. The first game of the series is in development right now: Fish & Reefs, a cross-platform real time ocean management game. Additionally, this will also be the first game based on Biart’s proprietary tech, biEngine 2.0, and their own cloud solution – biOcean.

In Fish & Reefs players can build their own reefs, as well as manage them by rearing fish. But it does not only serve as a fish farm: players can take part in different competitions, be it a best reef contest or a treasure hunting one. Biart is working hard on the game’s atmosphere to produce a realistic ocean management game with easy controls for touch devices.

The game will be released in Q4 2012 on iOS and Android, but Biart is already planning to port it to PC, Microsoft Xbox 360 (XBLA) and Sony Playstation 3 (PSN). “I am happy that we now have enough time to prepare a version of biEngine for mobile devices. We are using our experience in developing for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 to create a solid cross-platform solution. We are going to unite gamers from all devices on one OCEAN cloud. I am sure we can release a F2P version of Fish & Reefs for consoles soon, after mobile release. We are ready to do this in terms of technology”, says Konstantin Popov, CEO of Biart Company LLC. With Fish & Reefs, Biart wants to reunite the existing community of all those who admire the underwater world under the same umbrella.


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