Gnu Revenge!: War between gnus and crocodiles is declared!
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Gnu Revenge!: War between gnus and crocodiles is declared!

The young studio Vaze and the global publisher and developer Bulky Pix are happy to introduce you the result of their very first collaboration: Gnu Revenge! scheduled on iPhone and iPad for March 29th.

Gnus have been oppressed by the fierce crocodiles for centuries in the savannah!
Now it’s time for Gnus to take their revenge over their archenemies… in the craziest ever space battle! Nothing’s impossible when you got a rocket on your back!

Dish out revenge on the crocodiles and save your fellows. Play with gravity using planets, nebulas, meteorites, wormholes and other elements to overthrow crocodiles’ tyranny.

Gnu Revenge is a funny puzzle game based on a gameplay using gravity. Thanks to a single button on the screen your Gnu go charge the crocodiles’ space ship. Learn to dose the power of its Jet Pack if you don’t want to throw your Gnu in the remotest part of the cosmos!

Gnu Revenge will drive you through a millenary war between the crazy gnus and the terrible crocodiles.

72 challenging levels
Four colorful worlds
Universal app § Various gameplay elements: planets, nebulas, meteorites, black holes.
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