Despite Bad Economy Trend, GREE Opens Office In Vancouver
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Despite Bad Economy Trend, GREE Opens Office In Vancouver

Even though several gaming companies in the area have been experiencing a round of layoffs and financial setbacks, mobile gaming giant GREE is opening an office in Vancouver. This comes as another phase of their expansion into American territory, as the #1 Japanese social network launched an office in San Francisco earlier this year.

According to GamesIndustry, the team will be completely new, and will be launch a game by next year:

The new studio will be headed up by OpenFeint vet Steve Lin, who also has experience working at Google. Lin will manage a full team currently being hired. The team is looking for engineers, producers and artists to ramp up production with the hope of launching a new game in six to eight months.

Currently, GREE’s U.S. operations include the support and publishing of several mobile games, including Zombie JombieAlien FamilyModern War, and Dragon Ark.

GREE made a large into the mobile market during this expansion by acquiring social gaming service OpenFient for over $100 million dollars, as reported in the first quarter of 2011.


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