Ex-Call Of Duty Exec Announces ‘Human Element’ Prequel For Ouya
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Ex-Call Of Duty Exec Announces ‘Human Element’ Prequel For Ouya

Former Call of Duty creative strategist and current Robotoki president Robert Bowling (better known to some as “fourzerotwo”) has revealed that upcoming next-gen zombie apocalypse title Human Element will set the foundation for the Ouya’s first exclusive. Human Element is slated for a 2015 release, while a prequel for the game will debut with the Ouya console next year.

Bowling made the announcement on Ouya’s Kickstarter earlier today, stating that he was one of the first to back the project with a $10,000 donation. That makes him one of 14 people to fund the project at its highest level.

Human Element‘s prequel, according to Bowling, will show how the world turns into the post-apocalypse that players will see in the 2015 release. Its status as an Ouya exclusive is curious, as it seems to be eschewing the PS3 and Xbox 360 entirely.

Truth be told, this isn’t exactly the kind of news that’s as head-turning as a Mass Effect 3 announcement would’ve been, but Human Element is still an interesting property. If anything, it’ll be a good case for how well the Ouya’s graphics shine at launch.



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