Infinity Blade 2 Drops Price, Now On Sale For $2.99
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Infinity Blade 2 Drops Price, Now On Sale For $2.99

Epic and Chair Entertainment are giving Infinity Blade 2 a rare price drop in celebration of the “Vault of Tears,” the iOS game’s newest expansion. If you’ve been holding out, consider this an open invitation to visit the App Store.

As for the Vault of Tears, the free expansion adds a sizable amount of content including new monsters, new items, a treasure map feature, and social media perks. With the update, Twitter and Facebook users will be able to step into ClashMob events without even playing the game.

But if you’re being stingy and waiting for the app to hit that magical 99-cent price point, then we just don’t know what to tell you. (Except that you’ll be waiting for a long time.)


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