Jet Set Radio HD Goes Mobile on iOS, Android
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Jet Set Radio HD Goes Mobile on iOS, Android

Sega is really embracing its newfound digital movement. The company decided to make a popular move by resurrecting the beloved Dreamcast fan favorite, Jet Set Radio, for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC. The remake, which will feature HD visuals, Achievement and Trophy support, online leaderboards, and almost all of the original soundtrack (all but two tracks), has become a highly talked about topic among retro gaming aficionados.

Aside from console and PC download platforms, it now looks like Sega is going to release Jet Set Radio HD on mobile platforms. As reported on Eurogamer, the game will be available on iOS and Android phones and tablet devices. This further indicates Sega’s movement toward digital, and it will also allow access to the game to a wider audience, which is always cool.

The mobile version of Jet Set Radio HD will feature all of the same content as its console and PC brethren, and it will also include OpenFeint and Retina display. Additionally, players will be able to take pictures to use as graffiti within the game. Oh, and for you social networking types, Jet Set Radio HD will allow you to show off your achievements by uploading them straight to Facebook. You know, because your friends just love it when you do that.



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