Lili—A Visually Impressive New iOS Project—Coming From Ex-Epic Developer
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Lili—A Visually Impressive New iOS Project—Coming From Ex-Epic Developer

Lee Perry—previously the senior gameplay designer on Gears of War 3—has set up his own studio called BitMonster, and their first release is a visually beautiful iOS project titled Lili.

Lili—which is powered by Unreal Engine 3—will be an adventure game / RPG hybrid, one which features “an amusing ‘non-combat’ system for dealing with enemies, loads of item collection, humorous character interactions, minigames, and a streamlined RPG campaign. It’s an adventure that is appropriate for nearly anyone and yet won’t give up its soul to achieve that goal.”

I know, I know—some of you are yawning at that concept. I, however, am a big proponent of bringing more variety to gaming—especially when they are games which can give us concept beyond the traditional “kill stuff” mentality. I’m tired of just killing things in every game I play, and I want more games that can build upon the excitement of adventure, exploration, or character development without using death as a crutch.

Of course, I’m also a supporter of gaming having more female characters that aren’t characters we need to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. If Lili can be a positive female protagonist, if the game can be fun to play, and if the entire adventure will look as stylish and gorgeous as it does in the teaser trailer below, then Lili could definitely be a game worth checking out.

Lili is set to be released “soon” via the iTunes Store.


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