Mass Effect: Infiltrator Finally Appears on Android
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Mass Effect: Infiltrator Finally Appears on Android

Do you own an Android phone and have been waiting patiently to play Mass Effect: Infiltrator? Well today is your lucky day.

IronMonkey Studios – the guys behind mobile versions of Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge – were in charge of the iOS version of the game and have now released an Android version via Google Play. You take on the role of a rogue agent – Randall Ezno – who must escape a Cerberus base. Your actions in the game will directly effect your Galactic Readiness level in Mass Effect 3.

The iOS version has also received an update adding a new character and mission. This release is a little late, due to most people having finished Mass Effect 3 already. However, the game is pretty good as a standalone package and fans should at least give it a try.

Worth a download or too little, too late?


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