Mobile Developer Accuses Gaming Sites Of Bribery For App Reviews
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Mobile Developer Accuses Gaming Sites Of Bribery For App Reviews

Mobile gaming websites are a dime a dozen, and in an industry completely over-saturated with video game news/blog outlets, that’s saying something. Even worse, some small websites are apparently taking bribes for reviews.

Although it’s commonly joked among readers that gaming websites accept payment (ads, expensive press events, free games, personal favors, and so on) for favorable coverage, mobile developer Andrew Smith is outing the following websites that actually charge people money for timely app reviews:

  • AppCraver
  • Tapscape
  • Best 10 Apps
  • The iPhone App Review
  • iPhone Toolbox
  • iPhone Footprint

All of the websites have a different tactic for soliciting money from developers, but in general, it’s all cut from the same cloth.

As commenters on AppyNation point out, the line does tend to blur when you get into ads sales and such, but the general consensus is that it’s wrong for these sites to blatantly charge the developers for coverage and reviews. Of course, when you get into gaming blog sites bragging about $300 Street Fighter chess sets, that’s where things look a bit iffy.

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