Ouya Clears $7 Million In Kickstarter Funds, Revealed To Be Extremely Tiny
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Ouya Clears $7 Million In Kickstarter Funds, Revealed To Be Extremely Tiny

No one can call the Android and Nvidia-powered “Ouya” anything but a rousing success, especially now that the console has racked up a staggering $7 million in Kickstarter funding. Even with less than two days left in their run, the Ouya team is still announcing new partnerships, with the latest round involving two well-established media services.

As announced on their updates section, team Ouya is beefing up their console’s features with XBMC, a free and open-source cross platform media player that can essentially work with any video or audio file you may possess.

XBMC actually has its history steeped in gaming roots, as it was the Xbox’s original media-playing software, but has since expanded to Android, Linux, OS X, iOS, and Windows—making it one of the biggest media platforms out there.

Ouya is also giving you free access to Internet radio via TuneIn, a service that hosts thousands of networks and stations through a variety of radio channels. If anything, it should at least be a better service than the Xbox 360′s Zune.

And if that wasn’t enough, Team Ouya is also providing promotional images of their console—and it’s small. Like, really, really small for a gaming system.

Check out the images for yourself and see what we’re talking about. Not only does the Ouya seem small enough to fit in a backpack, but it’s barely half the size of the Nintendo GameCube, showing just how much you can scale down a home console when you eschew the need for a disc drive of any sort.


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