Rock Band iOS Games Packing Up, Leaving App Store Forever
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Rock Band iOS Games Packing Up, Leaving App Store Forever

Parting is often such sweet sorrow, but in this case, the developers behind Tap Tap Revenge have to be pretty happy that EA and Harmonix’s Rock Band mobile games are calling it quits. An announcement has been making the rounds today that Rock Band and Rock Band Reloaded will no longer be hosted in the App Store after July 31st.

EA’s Help and FAQ section lays out the specifics, stating that the end of their contract with Harmonix means that the apps are getting a final curtain call:

Q: Why is EA removing Rock Band games from the App Store? 
A: EA’s licensing agreement with Harmonix is ending and as a result, EA is discontinuing downloads of Rock Band iOS and Rock Band Reloaded iOS on the App Store after July 31. 
Q: If I’ve already downloaded Rock Band games on my iOS device, can I still play them after July 31, 2012? 
A: Yes. If you own a Rock Band game on your iOS device, you can play it, but you cannot purchase new songs after July 31, 2012. You can access your previously purchased songs. 

Any iPhone and iPad owners looking to salvage their music can still back up songs or move them to iCloud, as the system automatically stores song information to your storage of choice. No new songs will be available or purchase-able after July 31st, so the single sets you want need to gathered up soon.

With Rock Band and Rock Band Reloaded gone from the App Store, that leaves Tapulous’ Tap Tap Revenge series as the top guitar-playing game in the iOS library, challenged only by Activision’s Guitar Hero mobile games. That is, unless Konami brings GuitarFreaks to the mobile space and tries to shake things up.

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