Nintendo 3DS XL? Is Nintendo trolling?
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Nintendo 3DS XL? Is Nintendo trolling?

Woke up to the news this morning of a 3DS revision. My excitement quickly turned to “huh?” Does Nintendo even listen to it’s audience anymore?

What I dislike

Firstly, no addition of a second analogue stick? This is probably what gamers of all kinds have cried for the 3DS to have. Sure they gave us that quite ghastly second analogue stick add-on, but from what I hear that seems to make playing games a little more strenuous. Not to mention it performs just awfully for lefties like me Come on Nintendo, really?!

Apparently an AC adapter won’t come with the console. Wait what? Maybe Nintendo think that current 3DS owners like me will simply use the charger we currently have (assuming thats compatible). But the problem is that would leave me with TWO 3DS’s. If I was to ever invest in this “upgrade” I would trade in or sell my current 3DS. Which would mean I would have to buy an AC adapter for this one anyway. I would gladly pay a little extra just to have one in the box.

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Contributor: skunkie   Posted: Jun 23, 2012 at 8:12am
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