runescape fast level up
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runescape fast level up

One of the greatest complaints that reverberate throughout the Runescape community, Free-to-play and P2P alike, is the considerable amount of time that it takes to level up any skill to the max, the aforementioned level 99.

This, besides the obvious effort required, consumes a great deal of hours in front of the computer and can easily transform this fun game into a literal hell, eating up your free time, work hours and most important, your life.

The following guide is not going to talk or start a long debate on whether how much a person should normally play Runescape, how much time should one rest.. blah blah and unnecessary, you’re here for the info and the strategy.

Instead, it will guide you, teaching time efficient ways to gain experience while you don’t stress, and have fun at the same time:
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Contributor: montailiu   Posted: May 4, 2010 at 11:39pm
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