Wii U Online Has Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Director Stumped
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Wii U Online Has Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Director Stumped

How exactly will the online component for the Wii U function when that console launches this November? Heck if I know! But I would assume that some developers know at this point since the console is so close to its release date. That would make sense, right? Well, it seems that even devs may not be sure about how the Wii U’s online features work.

According to a report on Destructoid, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 director Katsuhiro Harada isn’t sure how the platform’s online systems will function. “Not quite sure at this point,” he said regarding the matter. “I don’t fully understand it. We’re still working with Nintendo to find out about their network.”

I just want to put things into perspective for you folks: It’s late September, and the Wii U is due out on November 18. That’s less than two months away. The fact that the Wii U’s online component is giving devs a hard time at this point is certainly not great news. But let’s hope that changes within these next two months.



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