Dark Sisterhood: The Initiation Download PC Game
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Dark Sisterhood: The Initiation Download PC Game

When you arrived to the isle in Dark Sisterhood: The Initiation game, first thing you saw was an unnatural lightning:
- Did you see that? Listen; there’s no way I’m not going any further. They barely tolerate me, and only because I bring them supplies. Remember, I’m leaving the island at dawn, with or without you.
I knew this island was isolated, but I had no idea the people were this… insane.
I don’t remember this sign post being here the last time I visited, but that was a year ago.
Citizens of Cold Peek! Witchery effects continues! It must be Lily’s fault! Let’s go grab her!
Near town’s courthouse, more like a madhouse if you ask me.
- You must be Bloom’s friend from the mainland. Finally I meet you, I’m her friend, Daisy. I’m so sorry for Bloom, but we have no time to mourn. Now they’re after her daughter, Lily. She’s suffered too much already. Please find her, and take her away from all of this. She must be hiding in the village. Be careful, there are strange forces in this island… I can’t tell you more… I have to go!
Download Dark Sisterhood: The Initiation game for PC and save Lily from her terrible destiny!

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