Day D: Time Mayhem Download PC Game
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Day D: Time Mayhem Download PC Game

Science can beat almost anything, excluding death and fifteen-meter saber-teeth reptiles running to you and wishing to eat you! And that what you and your colleague saw in Day D: Time Mayhem PC Game, when you were able to manage your time-machine to work and bring you back in time! It brought you further then you could imagine and you had found yourself in the world, full of dinosaurs! And almost all these vile creatures thinking that they are the Kings of the Nature and you are nothing but mere food among their feet. So bunch of dinosaurs running to you, planning to eat you, and they have no idea about science or something – only hatred, only blood-thirst! Download Day D: Time Mayhem game for PC, and use modern science in this great Tower Defense game to protect your time machine while its accumulators recharging. Build towers, set traps and upgrade your defenses to make sure that you won’t become someone’s supper, especially supper of Tyrannosaur!

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