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Hotline Miami Review |

GAMINGtruth’s own Indie Games Editor Derek Strickland delivers the verdict on Hotline Miami, the new crazy murder-infused PC Indie from Dennaton Games. Hotline Miami is shocking, brutal, gritty, and downright fun, featuring a vast assortment of in-game weaponry and a distinct original visual style.

“While the game isn’t for everyone and surely has a signature grimy, violent feel to it, Hotline Miami brings something to the world of Indie Games that wasn’t always there: blood-soaked action fused with creative stealth strategy, with a lunatic version of GTA‘s characters thrown into the mix. It’s a punch to the gut that’s relentless, fun, and hilarious all at once, and has charmed this gamer with its deliciously grotesque gameplay.” –

Hotline Miami is now available via Steam and for PC for $9.99.

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Contributor: GAMINGtruth   Posted: Oct 27, 2012 at 3:32pm
Gaming Category: PC Games
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