Questerium: Sinister Trinity Download PC Game
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Questerium: Sinister Trinity Download PC Game

It’s always a huge tragedy, when friends of the childhood turning into the greatest enemies. And that’s what happened in Questerium: Sinister Trinity PC Game with the three closest friends in one big city in USA. During childhood they were the best friends, always played together, but when they grow up, each one chosen his own way (although connection wasn’t lost and they were regularly met, drinking scotch and talking about old good days). Smartest of them – Gustav – become a scientist, one of the most glorious Professors in town. Richest of them become a banker, owner of the biggest bank in city. And best talker of them become a city mayor. But even the best friendship can make a crack during the dramatic events. Meteor falls near the city and Gustav started to explore it. Believing in his wits, he decided to conduct dangerous experiments, and when mayor says him not, he took the money from the fellow banker without mayor’s permission. Download Questerium: Sinister Trinity PC game and uncover, what catastrophe happened in the result of that experiment!

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