Routine Greenlit on Steam Greenlight
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Routine Greenlit on Steam Greenlight

Lunar Software’s first-person sci-fi horror Indie ‘Routine’ has recently been approved and greenlit on Steam’s Greelight service. The impressive PC Indie makes use of original realistic gameplay mechanics that feature a perma-death system with a blind HUD, making every decision count as if it were real life.

In Routine players must explore an abandoned moon base and put together the mystery behind the crew’s disappearance, while trying to survive the terrifying threat that lurks in the darkness.

Routine is scheduled for release in early 2013 for PC and Mac.

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Contributor: GAMINGtruth   Posted: Sep 27, 2012 at 12:26am
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  • Derek Strickland

    This game seamlessly blends sci-fi themes with thrilling on-your-seat action making for an enjoyable-looking experience!