spawn kill review wallace gromit episode 4 the bogey man
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spawn kill review wallace gromit episode 4 the bogey man

Spawn Kill’s Future Man reviews episode 4 of Wallance & Gromit’s Grand Adventure. Is it doin’ it wrong or right? Read on to find out.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into Wallace & Gromit’s fourth and final adventure in their first season, The Bogey Man. I had a feeling I was going to be left in a state of confusion and bombarded with references I didn’t quite grasp, due to hopping onto the final episode in the four part series. To my delight, however, I felt that I experienced this episode to the fullest, the job Telltale has done here with making it feel self-contained is commendable. There were a couple points where it was clear they were referencing previous episodes, but it was either explained through character dialogue or just fit so well with everything else that was happening it didn’t bother me.

One of the initial things I noticed after firing the game up was the menu system. The menus fit the Wallace & Gromit theme perfectly, in that they are a great reminder of what Wallace & Gromit are all about, crazy inventions and a simplistic visual style. This re-introduction was appreciated, as it had been quite some time since I’d seen Wallace & Gromit on television. While clicking about on the menu the music was another thing that immediately won me over, kind of catchy whimsical tune kept repeating, functioning to loosen you up from a day of serious business, letting you know you were about to be neck deep in silly, and light hearted puzzle solving. Read more


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