Star Wars: The Old Republic General Article: The Staff Roundtable
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Star Wars: The Old Republic General Article: The Staff Roundtable

The following is just a snapshot of what many of us staffers here at are thinking of BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic so far. It’s not indicative of our final review, which will be written by Mike Bitton. Rather, it’s a way for each of us to convey to you how we feel right now about SWTOR. It seems we all agree on at least one thing: the story is the jawa’s knees. You be sure to tell us your own thoughts in the comments below!

Bill Murphy – 9/10

I’ve actually been having an absolute ball… so much so that I’ve been staying up way too late most nights, which hasn’t happened since 2004 for me. I’ve seen a lot of this before, in many other MMOs, but I feel like it’s very well polished and refreshed here. I think the pacing of the combat is spot on even if it’s traditional, and the PVP has been great so far. I love Huttball, but the Voidstar is way more fun and I think I could do it for hours and not get bored. I love the companion system, and the way it brings in some of the best parts of BioWare games to the MMO space. Heck, I even love the crafting, though I’ll be honest and say I’ve not yet made something worth using for my character… maybe when I get to make my own vehicles.

But it’s the story that makes this game really sing for me. Maybe it’s clouding my judgment, but simply being able to say I actually give a damn about the quests I’m sent on is a big deal for me. It’s been a long time since that happened. Innovation doesn’t always happen in huge waves. Sometimes it comes in small little doses, and BioWare merely bringing their sense of choice and story-telling to the MMO is a welcome change for me. On top of that, it’s just a really well put together piece of software.

Suzie Ford – 8/10

I have to say that I’m pleasantly, if guardedly, surprised. What people will love is that it’s Star Wars and its wickedly awesome cinematic quests. For that, it’s great. For everything else, it’s just the latest pretty typical MMO. That said, I have to admit that it reminds me SO much of Mass Effect, just with lots of people running around. Your ship houses your companions just like in ME. A lot of the voice acting utilizes ME folks I’m sure. Coruscant reminds me of the cities in ME. All this Mass Effect-like stuff is good though.

On the plus side: Cinematics, interesting storylines, the feeling of really being heroic, some really great tiered story quests, pretty decent crafting if you’re in to that, Star Wars franchise, good variety of starter areas, and a huge potential for growth. On the minus side: Not enough character customization, characters run (some of them) like they have sticks up their keesters, too many empty and lifeliess cities and quest hubs, unarguable and repetitive quest grind, too much running back and forth Fed-xing, very linear space combat. The story makes it great. The glaring omission of some key features lowers its score for me. Looks matter to me for my character. Yes, I’m that shallow.

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