70% of DU Universe Online’s Players Are On The PS3
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70% of DU Universe Online’s Players Are On The PS3

Free-to-play MMOs have become big business on the PC—but DC Universe Online‘s population numbers show that may also be becoming true for consoles as well.

Speaking to trade outlet GamesIndustry, Sony Online Entertainment’s John Smedley noted that 70% of DCUO‘s audience are playing the game on Sony’s current-generation home console. Smedley noted that the game is one of three free-to-play offerings on the PS3—along with another SOE release, Free Realms, and the upcoming CCP title Dust 514.

There’s an obvious point to make in all of this: There is far, far more competition from rival free-to-play releases on the PC, with next to none on the PS3. So, it’s easy to see why the audience might be higher on the console side versus the computer side.

Still, that number also proves something: Give console players the chance to experience free-to-plays, and they’ll come. For a long time, it was assumed that such games just weren’t a proper fit for those types of gaming platforms. At the end of the day, however, gamers and gamers—and they want a variety of experiences, no matter what their platform of choice may be.

Hopefully, the future is more free-to-play game projects on home consoles, no less—because having more variety is always a good thing.

Would you like to see more free-to-play games on home consoles?


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