8001050f apocalyps3
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8001050f apocalyps3

Reports started coming in just after 4am today (12am GMT/ 4pm PST) that people were getting a bizarre error when turning on their PS3s. The 8001050F error shows up when the PS3 turns on and tries to connect to the PSN. The PS3 can’t connect to the PSN due to an internal system clock bug. It’s basically glitching on a leap year status, which 2010 is not, resulting in your PS3 getting a random clock date set some time in the past (31/12/1999 in most cases!). You can’t connect to PSN and won’t be able to play any game you purchased from the PSN, nor any DLC. Read more


Contributor: GamesLatest   Posted: Mar 1, 2010 at 1:37pm
Gaming Category: Playstation 3
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