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atelier rorona the alchemist of arland review examinercom

From the publisher behind the Disgaea series, Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love and the Ar tonelico series comes an all new alchemy RPG in the Atelier series for the PlayStation 3 developed by Gust.

All-in-all Atelier Rorona is an enjoyable game that offers an interesting and lighthearted story with plenty of exploration for fans of the genre. Visually the game looks good, the environments are bright and colorful and the character portraits during conversations are very well done. The voice actors also do a good job of matching their characters closely in the English version, and for those fans of traditional dubs the Japanese track is also available with English subtitles. Another good thing about the game is the soundtrack, the main theme is very relaxed and soothing and many of the other songs played are enjoyable and don’t get annoying like with some other games.

What makes the game an interesting challenge is the time management required to complete the assignments on time as it can be easy to get caught up in synthesis or exploration and the days can pass by too quickly. Battle was a little bit too easy at times, with many of the monster being weak, especially once new armor and weapons are made as the enemy will do little damage while the player dishes out devastating attacks.

For those fans of games that require alchemy as well as Japanese RPGs Atelier Rorona is definitely worth looking into and it will offer hours of entertainment. Read more


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