game podunk 25 things about me batman
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game podunk 25 things about me batman

Our fourth character in the series, “25 Things About Me” is Batman, a popular character from Eidos – Batman: Arkham Asylum.

25 Things About Me: Batman

1. My favorite color is not black, despite the fact I’m seen wearing it all the time. Black happens to be the only color my Batsuit comes in and it helps me hide in the shadows.

2. It’s been rumored that I have been with many women and while I have been with most, there is only one I would like to get to know: Harley Quinn. It’s just a shame that she’s nuts about the Joker.

3. Arkham Asylum is not the best place to be a security officer at. Many of the criminals I have turned over to the Warden are considered extremely dangerous.

4. Being rich has its perks; having a butler to take care of you and offer valuble advice, women for each day of the week, a slew of Bat toys, and no one ever suspecting that I, Bruce Wayne, am Batman.

5. My favorite animal is the eagle. This bird is a strong symbol for justice and is a very majestic creature.

6. And no, Dick Grayson is not my secret boyfriend. He is my partner in fighting crime.

7. Music I like to listen to is hard rock. It gets my blood boiling and makes those long drives to criminal hideouts less boring.

8. I have starred in at least 19 video games. Batman: Arkham Asylum is my latest endeavor into this business.

9. For Halloween, I like to dress up as Robin and he dresses up like me.

10. Friday nights are poker nights for me and the other super heroes. But don’t play against Superman if you like to cheat, he likes to use his ability to see through your clothes before each game. Read more


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