GamerNode’s Spec Ops: The Line Review
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GamerNode’s Spec Ops: The Line Review

There is only one way to investigate areas and get a closer look at objects and people in the periphery of Spec Ops: The Line: down the barrel of a gun. That may seem trite, and true of most third person shooters, but there’s something different with the feeling – the rule – of it here. While playing, I was uneasy. I rested at several key moments in the game, wondering if I should go back and play them over. I looked down the barrel of my gun with caution rather than my usual brazen eagerness. The game dared me so many times, egging me to just go for it, but I waved my hands at it, acting cool when really I had no clue what would happen next.


Contributor: gregatron5   Posted: Aug 17, 2012 at 6:56pm
Gaming Category: Playstation 3


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