Nomura Comments on Final Fantasy VII Remake
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Nomura Comments on Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy legend Tetsuya Nomura has made a few comments regarding a remake of Final Fantasy VII, and also shared an interesting piece of information about the original.

Speaking in the latest issue of Famitsu Nomura stated that the new Final Fantasy titles must overcome the older games and break away. We’re not sure if we agree with this fact considering how much people loved the old games and seem to hate the new direction.

When asked about a remake he replied, “There are a lot of people who want a remake of Final Fantasy VII. However, new titles take precedence. We work our hardest to make something that might be even better than Final Fantasy VII.”

Finally he revealed an interesting tidbit regarding the opening sequence to Final Fantasy VII: “At first Yuffie was planned to be an outlaw. There were going to be wanted posters in the street of the opener, one for each of the people you’d become friends with.”

Fans will never accept the newest games as being anywhere near as good as the originals because they lack soul. They simply look like churned out RPGs that are using the Final Fantasy name. Sure they play fairly well and have a half-decent story, but they fail to bestow a sense of importance in the player. Something that the older titles did incredibly well.

Should a remake take precedence over newer titles? Share your thoughts below.


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