PlayStation Store Update – July 17
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PlayStation Store Update – July 17

Check out what’s coming to the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 and Vita this week.

Finally things are starting to look up for PlayStation 3 owners as this week’s update is jam packed with goodies. First we have two Resident Evil games heading to PSN, The Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles, both of which are HD remakes of Wii games, complete with PlayStation Move support, improved visuals and trophy support.

In the DLC section we have the Earth multiplayer add-on for Mass Effect 3, bringing with it new classes, weapons, and even a new Platinum difficulty level, which, according to BioWare, is incredibly hard to beat. Then there’s the Arctic Strike DLC for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, which includes some new maps and weapons.

Sadly it’s another baron week for Vita owners, when is Sony going to show their handheld some digital love?

PlayStation 3 Content


  •  Dyad
  •  Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles HD
  •  Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles HD

PS3 Games

  •  Record of Agarest War 2
  •  Crysis 2: Maximum Edition

Downloadable Content

  •  Mass Effect 3 – Earth Pack
  •  LEGO Batman 2
  •  Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Arctic Strike
  •  Dragon’s Dogma
  •  Record of Agarest War 2

What will you be downloading this week? Let us know in the comments below.


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