PS Vita Tops 2.2 Million In Sales, Still Way Behind PSP And Nintendo 3DS
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PS Vita Tops 2.2 Million In Sales, Still Way Behind PSP And Nintendo 3DS

Even though it’s a bit much to expect the PS Vita to outpace the Nintendo 3DS or even the PlayStation Portable, it seems Sony expected their new handheld system to perform much better than the 2.2 million units it’s sold so far. But is that realistic?

According to German website Playfront, Sony is officially stating that’s what the PS Vita has so worldwide so far, but it doesn’t seem to be lighting a fire under the company yet.

Considering that Nintendo 3DS sales have topped 19 million units according to VGChartz, the lack of celebration is probably not surprising, especially considering PS Vita sales aren’t helping Sony’s various financial woes.

At least PlayStation Europe CEO Jim Ryan is cognizant of the fact that Sony’s handheld strategy would benefit from their other portable system, which just so happens to have an install base of a few tens of millions:

Well, we still have a significant PSP business in many markets, which is something that tends to be forgotten. But I think a certain amount of that market has found its way onto smartphones and tablets.

Call it harsh, but I still think it’s too early for the PS Vita to make an impact, and it’s likely going to end up becoming just slightly less of a failure than the PSP Go. Carrying such a high price point and woefully unfriendly features (specialized storage, limited PSP title support, etc.), it’s a long investment that’s going to need 10 years to fully mature, if it ever does.

Contributor:   Posted: Aug 20, 2012 at 4:24pm
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