Sony Blu-ray Player Spotted With Access To OnLive Gaming Service
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Sony Blu-ray Player Spotted With Access To OnLive Gaming Service

Sony has been rumored to be seeking active partnerships with streaming video game platform OnLive, prompting wild speculations of things like a buyout, or even a PlayStation console with the service embedded within the system. However, the more likely guess is that OnLive will be integrated in select Sony electronics not related to the PlayStation brand.

In fact, that’s apparently exactly what seems to be happening right now—go figure.

VentureBeat sends word of a special Internet streaming Sony Blu-ray player that will be featuring Google TV as a built-in service, along with an optional add-in for OnLive. According to Dean Takahashi, that’s a good indication that Sony and OnLive have some kind of major deal simmering on the backburner:

As you can see in the specifications section below, OnLive’s gaming controller/universal serial bus dongle are listed as an optional accessory in the Sony device. That means that the device likely comes with OnLive preloaded. This is the first sign that Sony and OnLive have a deal in place, and that could be a big boost for cloud gaming. Sony’s new Blu-ray player is available for preorder now and ships on July 9.

For Sony to support something that can be legitimately labeled as a competitor gaming platform is incredibly odd, especially considering the traction that OnLive has been gaining since their debut.

OnLive already has business deals in place to have their service built-in to Vizio and LG high-definition TVs, and with Sony as one of the major players in the HDTV market, a similiar partnership would be extremely interesting.


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