The PlayStation Recap – E3 2012 Wrap-up Edition
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The PlayStation Recap – E3 2012 Wrap-up Edition

E3 2012 may be over, but the video game updates are still flowing in. You can watch (or re-watch!) the entire E3 2012 PlayStation Press conference here, and browse our library of 25+ live game demos shot from the heart of PlayStation’s E3 booth.

E3 2012 led off with the announcement of new Quantic Dream thriller revealed Beyond: Two Souls and the JK Rowling-backed Wonderbook, plus a release date for God of War: Ascension (and new details on its single-player campaign). We also learned of PS3-exclusive Assassin’s Creed III DLC, and watched new trailers for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and Sound Shapes.

Time to rest up! What are you playing this weekend?

Most-Watched Video of the Week: The Last of Us E3 2012 Gameplay

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PlayStation Plus E3 2012 – June Update: Your Instant Game Collection Is Here – PlayStation Plus was firmly in the spotlight at E3 2012 with its “instant game collection” announcement, learn what you’ll get for free as a PS Plus member here.
  • Watch PlayStation’s E3 Press Conference Live Right Here – At E3 2012, we recorded live demos of 25+ games – you can catch up on our livestream game demos and the PlayStation 2012 press conference here.
  • PlayStation Store Update – Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, Bang Bang Racing, Madagascar 3 and LittleBigPlanet 2 PS3 Full Games, E3 2012 videos and more.
  • E3 2012: Naughty Dog Reveals The Last of Us Gameplay – Watch the savage gameplay video that took the press conference audience’s breath away.
  • E3 2012: We’ll Never Stop Playing – Sony Computer Entertainment America President and CEO Jack Tretton sums up the themes of PlayStation’s E3 2012 showing.
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Expands: PS Vita, Drake, Big Daddy – Two big names join the rost of Superbot’s upcoming PS3 and PS Vita brawler.
  • E3 2012: Assassin’s Creed III Liberation Revealed for PS Vita – A full-length, original Assassin’s Creed game is coming to PS Vita this October…with a Crystal White Wi-Fi PS Vita bundle to boot!
  • DUST 514 at E3 2012: Summer Beta, PS Home, and a Vita App – CCP games brought a heaping helping of DUST to E3…be sure to catch our live gameplay demo, too!
  • Battlefield 3 Premium With Close Quarters Available Today Exclusively On PlayStation 3 – If you downloaded Close Quarters and encountered issues, try deleting the file and downloading again.
  • Soul Sacrifice E3 2012 Trailer Revealed – Inafune’s next game is a sprawling dark fantasy epic that requires players to make disturbing sacrifices. Watch our E3 2012 interview here.
  • PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Revealed at E3 2012 – This new PlayStation Move peripheral is a perfect match for LittleBigPlanet Karting. See images and first details here.
  • Visit the 2012 E3 Virtual Booth Today – PlayStation Home continues an annual tradition, opening its doors to a virtual E3 experience complete with rewards and new content.
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