Wizorb Returns As PS Mini, Eventually Coming To PS Vita
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Wizorb Returns As PS Mini, Eventually Coming To PS Vita

Tribute Games’ wonderful brick-breaking RPG is returning near the end of July, making a comeback as part of Sony’s PS mini collection. This makes a complete console run for the 16-bit indie game Wizorb, which is currently available on PC (for Mac, Windows, and Linux) and Xbox Live’s Indie Game section.

It’s an especially good-looking title with a unique mix of gameplay elements—yet given its pedigree, that’s not a surprise.

Aside from the impressive art design and cross-genre action, the character animation is done by none other than Paul Robertson, whose past work you’ve definitely seen in the comic and movie tie-in game, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Wizorb will be playable on July 24th for PlayStation 3 and the PSP at a $3.99 price tag, and it sounds like the PS Vita version will be along shortly afterward. Check out a few highlights from the 60-level Araknoid and Super Breakout-style gameplay.


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