Killzone: Mercenary Dev Discusses Touchscreen Controls
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Killzone: Mercenary Dev Discusses Touchscreen Controls

The PlayStation Blog has a new video of Killzone: Mercenary, the PlayStation Vita side-story that takes place after the first Killzone and runs parallel with Killzone 2.

In the video, art director Tom Jones shows off the VAN-Guard, what the PlayStation Blog post describes as “a wrist-mounted murder assistant that enables you to deploy a head-stabbing Mantis drone, guided Porcupine missiles, or a Sky Fury ion cannon bombardment with a tap or two on PS Vita’s front touchscreen.”

Also highlighted in the video are melee attacks, which are executed by touchscreen swipes (notably, often performed to stab enemy soldiers in their junk, which honestly made me cringe a little).

Killzone: Mercenary goes behind console lines September 17 in North America.


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