365365 day 293 champions of norrath ps2
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365365 day 293 champions of norrath ps2

The previous generation of games saw a sizable explosion of action RPG hybrid titles. From the magical realms of Norrath right on through to the comic book capers of the Marvel and DC worlds, the genre wasn’t just isolated strictly to dungeon crawls with a warrior class, vanquishing goblins with rusty swords. The focus on this special seven part Comparison Series/Action RPG week will be on a handful of the prominently represented games within this genre. On the Sony PlayStation 2 we’ll visit Champions of Norrath, Champions: Return to Arms and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, while on the Microsoft Xbox we’ll take a look at A Bards Tale, Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance and Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 2, with Justice League Heroes representing the Sony PlayStation Portable. As always, on the final day, we will see who won in the battle of Visuals, Audio, Gameplay and Replay Value, as well as the ratings for each title, and the overall winner.

Today’s focus will be on Champions of Norrath on the PS2.


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