No GTA III on PSN This Week After All
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No GTA III on PSN This Week After All

Despite recent plans of bringing Grand Theft Auto III to the PlayStation Network this week, it looks like we won’t see one of the most beloved open world action-adventure games hitting Sony’s download platform just yet. According to a PlayStation Blog post by PlayStation Store Director Grace Chen, this is due to “an unforeseen complication.”

I like to snoop around articles’ comment sections for juicy follow-up info or straight trolling, and after checking out some comments on the matter, it turns out that the “unforeseen complication” is related to one of the audio tracks in Grand Theft Auto III. Apparently, Rockstar Games ran into some issues getting clearance for the song, so now the publisher is looking at ways to approach the situation.

So don’t worry, Grand Theft Auto III is coming to the PlayStation Network, just not today. That kind of blows for gamers who wanted to jump back into Liberty City and run down hookers, but hey, there’s always War of the Monsters for $9.99. That was pretty cool PlayStation 2 title!



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