PS2 Cult Classic Primal Hits the PSN Store
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PS2 Cult Classic Primal Hits the PSN Store

I actually played Primal back in the day (and recently snapped it up again on the PS2 for £1.50) and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It had a dark, clever and complex plot that was funny and engaging (up until the final hour, anyway).  The combat was serviceable and the world that developers SCE Cambridge had cooked up looked amazing, and for the most part, holds up pretty well to this day.  It was a good game.

Unfortunately, like most “good games” from back in 2003, nobody bought it and it died a pretty miserable death at retail (alongside War of the Monsters, kill.switch, and Amplitude).  But this generation has been all about second chances, and now Sony is giving Primal a second chance with a downloadable re-release on the American PSN Store when its update arrives this week.

Like all of PS2 Classics, the game is just a straightforward re-release.  There’s no HD-ifying or trophy support here.  Unfortunately, neither pricing information nor news on a European release has been announced.  Regardless, I’m really happy about this. The PS2 Classics line-up really only has Maximo 1 & 2, God Hand, and (for EU users, at least) Virtua Fighter 4 Evo.  Unless you are really into Kim Possible, I’m sure we all be clamoring for some more popular games to get released on the service.  If more people can stumble upon this overlooked gem, I’m more than happy for them.

What games would you like to see part of the PS2 Classics service?


Callum Petch

Contributor: Callum Petch   Posted: Feb 28, 2012 at 5:30pm
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