PS2 Games Burst Onto Playstation Store
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PS2 Games Burst Onto Playstation Store

Sony has made 27 “classic” Playstation 2 titles available on the European Store.

Now what you and Sony consider “classic” may differ somewhat, but even if nothing in this selection catches your eye, it at least opens the door for more PS2 titles to make their way onto the store in the future. While original Playstation titles have always been available, backwards compatibility with the PS2 has been a longstanding issue for the Playstation 3.

It’s also worth noting that as of now, these titles will not be available to play on the PS Vita.

The complete list of available titles and prices are available after the jump

The titles available and their prices are:

A Train 6: £7.99
Arcade Classics Vol. 1: £3.99
Bust-A-Bloc: £3.99
Cel Damage Overdrive: £3.99
Chicken Little: £7.99
Disney Princess Enchanted Journey: £7.99
God Hand: £7.99
Golden Age of Racing: £3.99
Gungrave Overdose: £3.99
International Super Karts: £2.99
Kim Possible: What’s the Switch?: £7.99
Maximo: £7.99
Maximo vs Army of Zin: £7.99
Meet the Robinsons: £7.99
Mr. Golf: £5.49
MX World Tour: £3.99
Neo Contra: £7.99
Noble Racing: £3.99
Road Trip Adventure: £3.99
Seek & Destroy: £3.99
Skyscraper: £1.99
SSX On Tour: £7.99
Swords of Destiny: £7.99
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe: £7.99
Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Quack Attack: £7.99
WWI: Aces of the Sky: £3.99
WW2: Battle Over The Pacific: £3.99


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