PS2 Survival Horror Game Haunting Ground Landing on PSN
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PS2 Survival Horror Game Haunting Ground Landing on PSN

Back in 2005, Capcom released a survival horror game for the PlayStation 2 titled Haunting Ground. The game featured puzzle-solving and exploration, and it starred a girl named Fiona, who was trying to escape a scary-ass haunted castle with only her loyal dog, Hewie, to aid her. Of course, because this was a horror game, all manner of vile enemies lurked within the confines of the castle. And while you could certainly attack them, Haunting Ground‘s core gameplay revolved around Fiona evading enemies until she was safe.

It looks like Capcom will be releasing the game on the PlayStation Network, reports Siliconera. As evidenced on the ESRB’s official site, Haunting Ground has been rated for Sony’s current home console. Whether this means that the game will be remade in sexy HD visuals or released as a PlayStation 2 title remains to be seen, but we can probably confirm that the game will be landing on the PlayStation Network in some way for sure.

Haunting Ground is an interesting choice. When it launched in 2005 it received a mixed reaction from media outlets, though it certainly had its loyal followers. The game was, for all intents and purposes, a worthwhile romp with enough good parts to justify a purchase about seven years ago. Personally, I’m all for it, and I hope we see Haunting Ground on Sony’s digital download platform sooner rather than later.

Also, that fat guy in the header image is creepy.



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