Europe Getting New PSP—Yes, New PSP
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Europe Getting New PSP—Yes, New PSP

While it seems that Sony couldn’t push the PSP into its grave fast enough here in North America, the company has announced that Europe will be getting yet another new PSP model.

Previously, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe revealed the PSP-E1000 for PAL territories—a totally new economy PSP model which only exists in their territory. Today, on the European PlayStation blog, Sony announced that they will launch a new “Ice White” model of the PSP-E1000 this summer.

So, if you’re one of those people out there who just has to have every PSP model released, here you go. For me, I’ll be sticking with my PSP-2000. I was originally a bit curios about the E1000, but it’s lack of WiFi, mono speaker, and mediocre screen (compared to the PSPGo) just didn’t make it a sensible choice for me.


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